Seers and Prophets

There are no more easy days and better seers and prophets have failed us with tired explanations put forth building configuration upon misconfiguration reaching behind the scenes but never above aspirations examinations and expirations by a particular mass of communication having deemed us all to be obscene branded tongues of duplicity in the black and white of let me take your chair WHERE? let me ease your pain HOW? let me let you dream WHEN? perhaps the sun does travel to the west and tomorrow it will dance but I took a woman to dinner once and the expectation left Galileo Ptolemy and Copernicus speechless so forthwith the self made man shall plot revenge upon the cowboy who shall rustle his plight toward the priest who will try to find someone else to blame so let us mold the ovum of creation to a more suitable form and drop the here and now the then and there and the when and where and let us for the first time find ourselves living amongst new myths


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